pillowcases for oncology kids

Special Post – Pillowcase Drive Inspiration

We received this message today via our Pillowcase Drive Facebook group, I hope it inspires you as much as it inspired me.
Samuel and his special pillowcase.

“My son Samuel (8) passed away from Osteosarcoma in March this year after a year long fight of this terrible disease, we received his very first pillow at the beginning of his treatment at the RCH Brisbane and then the lovely Tabitha Brett and Brittany-Louise sent him and his two brothers each their very own pillowcases. 

I have to tell you how much receiving these pillowcases meant to my Samuel, he loved them, there was not a hospital visit that he did not have his special pillow, and they got a lot of wear, lots of washes in the machines at the hospitals and home, when you have a child undergoing chemo there are lots of accidents! 

Pillowcases for oncology kids will always have a special place in my heart, their kindness goes beyond, these two special ladies even attended Samuel’s funeral. So well done everyone, keeps up the great work, if there is one suggestion I could make is don’t forget the big boys, it’s hard to pass up the pinks and floral, I myself will most likely go that way, but the teenage boys need some cheering up as well. 

Love to you all


If you would like to make a pillowcase as part of our 2014 Pillowcase Drive for Pillowcases for Oncology Kids please head over to our Pillowcase Drive page and join our Facebook group.  

Pillowcase Challenge – Little Cloud Factory

Little Cloud Factory
Creator: Penny from Little Cloud Factory
Creative Process: 
I chose to use one of my favourite Heather Bailey fabrics for this pillowcase. I just love the pink and tangerine combination and feel that the contemporary pattern is appropriate for a wide age range. And who doesn’t love a ruffle?! The addition of a bright pink ruffle adds a ‘pop’ to this pillowcase.
Little cloud factory creations are always colourful, unique (I never use the same fabric for something twice) and made with love and care. I hope this pillowcase brightens the days of it’s new owner.
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Pillowcase Challenge – Ed and Evie

Ed & Evie

Creator: Yvonne from Ed & Evie

Creative Process: 
When deciding what theme to create for the pillowcase challenge my immediate thought was to applique a rocket and star theme for a boy.  My own boys are my inspiration and the reason for starting Ed & Evie.  Sewing my retro rocket was the first item I ever made for my business.  The rocket applique really ‘launched’ me into following my dream of starting my own label.  Therefore, I really want to inspire the little boy who receives my pillowcase to follow his dreams, reach for the sky and fly to the moon.  Anything is possible!

Deadline for Pillowcases has been extended!
You can still join the Handmade Cooperative’s Great Pillowcase Challenge.  To find out more click here.  
Pillowcases For Oncology Kids

Pillowcase Challenge – Lilybett and Boy

Lilybett and BoyCreated by: Lilybett of Lilybett and Boy
Creative Process: 
This pillowcase started with the ice cream fabric. I’d had it for a little while and thought it’d be perfect when I read about the Great Pillowcase Challenge. Combining it with the orange gingham, it became my ‘ice-cream picnic’ pillow. I’ve never made anything like this before and don’t own or know how to use a sewing machine – so I read all the tutorials, made sure I was working with reasonably standard Australian pillow sizes and just went for it. I’m a complete amateur and this is a hand-stitched pillowcase, so most of the stitches are pretty basic and some of the seams are wonky and weird on the inside (wanted a neat finish so they’re my imperfect version of a Frenched seam), but each part of it was made with love and the hope that it would make a sick child feel happy and dream of sunshine and sweet things.

Pillowcase Challenge – Missy Bug Boutique

Missy Bug Boutique

Pillowcase by: Cathy from Missy Bug Boutique

Creative Process:
Being a mother of 2 little girls I wanted to create something pretty and feminine. I had pictured in my head making a pillowcase from the Tilda fabric range and my girls helped my chose the gorgeous pinks and greens. My youngest, Hannah, goes to sleep each night playing with her blankets so I decided to add the ruffle to be not only decorative but as a little something to play with for comfort. Hoping this pillowcase brightens a wonderful child’s day x.