Dinosaur Eggs


Make these fun snacks with your kids.

What do you do when your modern day dinosaurs (aka “chickens”) have, in fact, been laying and you discover nineteen eggs hidden at the top of their run?

You make dinosaur eggs, of course!

What you need:
* Eggs
* Cups (or other narrow deep container)
* Food colouring
What you do:
1. Hard boil the number of eggs you want to colour (use whatever is your tried and true method).
2. Once the eggs are cooked, cooled and dried, crack the shells all over but do not peel.
3. For each colour you want to dye your eggs, mix the relevant food colour with a small amount of water in your cup. We wanted bold and vibrant so used mixed a 7ml vial of colouring with only enough water to cover the egg once it is placed in the cup.)
4. Place one egg in each dye cup and then place the cups in your fridge overnight.
5. Be patient.
6. Remove eggs from their cups and peel (make sure you check out the inside of any large parts of shell)
and you now have awesome dinosaur eggs!!!
Word of advice: You might want to wear gloves when peeling the eggs 😉
Contributed by Nadine of My DD Hearts Dinos  
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