Chalk Bike Course

We are lucky enough to live in a quiet cul-de-sac which the kids can ride their bikes around.

To make riding around in circles a bit more fun we got a bucket of coloured chalk and each drew a different coloured line to mark out a course to ride along. The kids decided they should start easy and get harder, so we started with some lines from one side to the other with a few curves in it. They then rode the bikes along the line as close as they could like they were balancing the wheels on it.

We then progressed to a loop-the-loop where you ride around in a tight(ish) circle. Then on to multiple loop the loops and very tight bends (some of which I’m sure were not actually possible but they had fun trying).

With all the ‘courses’ colour coded (you could also number them easiest to hardest) they kids took turns seeing if they could complete them all without ‘falling off’. For older children you could also put in a time element; see who can do the green course in the fastest time.

This game would also work without bikes for smaller children they could walk or run to ‘balance’ along the chalk line course, and could be done in a driveway or backyard.

Schooza120 Contributed by Liz of Schooza.

Schooza creates quality handmade, fun products for pretend and imaginative play, aimed for boys and girls under 6. Product range includes felt crowns and hats, animal and dino tails and felt masks.


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