Capes 4 Kids Drive

We are very pleased to announce that Handmade Cooperative are joining forces with Capes 4 Kids Australia to gift super powered capes to our little superheroes.

About Capes 4 Kids Australia

Capes 4 Kids Australia is the first program of its kind in Australia, gifting super powered capes to our little superheroes. They pride themselves in designing capes to help children feel as safe, secure and brave as possible while undergoing challenging, often “scary” situations and treatments. These little crusaders face hospitalization, medical procedures and treatments and need all the help that they can get to be brave, manage their fears, listen carefully and cooperate with instructions to “get through” whatever must be endured. Play is essential for happiness and successful coping and Capes 4 Kids Australia can magically turn a child into a superhero and we all know how powerful and brave they are.

The registered charity was started in 2014 by New South Wales resident, Heather, and has made over 16,500 capes which have been delivered to over 50 hospitals, including Ronald McDonald Houses, Bear Cottage, Cancer Kids, Heart Kids, Make A Wish and Lung Kids. All capes are 100% made in Australia, by volunteers who expect nothing in return.

Learn more about Capes 4 Kids Australia in their information brochure.

We Challenge You

We challenge you to make at least one cape as part of our drive.

Capes are to be completed and sent to Handmade Cooperative HQ by the 23rd of June 2017.

Anyone can be part of the Capes 4 Kids Drive – you don’t have to be a Coop member – you just have to have the ability to sew a cape that will be used and loved.

What Next?

Firstly, fill out the form below to let us know your intention to make a cape as part of our challenge. We will then send you the cape pattern and guidelines via email. This pattern is exclusively for this event and is a trademarked pattern solely for the use of Capes 4 Kids Australia.

Next, sew your cape. The pattern is simple. Your fabric choice needs to be bright children’s theme designs, but does not need to be new fabric. Most capes are made from cotton/poly on both sides, but can also be made with a combination of fabrics. Light weight fabrics make packaging and posting and delivery to the hospitals much easier. All capes need to close with Velcro only, and any embellishments or appliques need to be sewn on very well so children can’t pick them off. No buttons are allowed.

Then, share your cape on social media using the hashtag #hccapes4kids We’ll be sharing images from this hashtag along the course of the drive.

Finally, send your cape to Handmade Cooperative HQ. The capes will be delivered to Capes 4 Kids Australia in late June.

If you would like to continue sewing for Capes 4 Kids Australia regularly and send capes in direct to Capes 4 Kids Australia after our drive, you may formally join their seamstress group after our drive.

I Don’t Sew But I Want To Help Out

There are three other ways you can help out:

  1. Help us advertise the drive! Tell your friends, Tweet about the cause, do a Facebook shout out, Pin images from this page, write a blog post, share an image on Instagram. Do something to spread the word about this drive and about this wonderful charity.
  2. Donate materials. Capes For Kids Australia are always looking for materials, including fabric, cotton, velcro, appliques and postage materials. Head on over to their DONATE page to help them out.
  3. Sponsor a cape. If you don’t sew, you might like to sponsor a cape. You can deposit money directly into the Capes 4 Kids Australia donation account using the details here, or sponsor a cape through the Capes 4 Kids Australia Facebook page.



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