Awesomely Easy Lollipop Cake

Kids birthday parties can be hard work, and expensive too. However! Today I’m going to share with you an easy idea for an awesome birthday cake that doesn’t cost the world.

For this lollipop birthday cake, first bake a moist, firm cake in a round tin. Then, smear it with raspberry jam (to help the icing stick) and roll out a a piece of blue fondant (you can buy it premade in the supermarket or Spotlight) and lay it over the top. Next, melt white chocolate and add a dash of orange gel colouring, before pouring the chocolate over the top of the cake. And finally, the fun part! Simply poke a collection of lollipops, cake pops, biscuits or whatever else you have on hand into the cake and sprinkle with edible confetti.

No complicated recipes. No fancy moulding or sculpting. Just a simple, fun cake to make the birthday child smile.

kaetoo Contributed by Kate of kaetoo.

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