How To Write A Letter To Santa

Write A Letter To Santa

When you are small, there is nothing more magical than writing a letter to Santa and receiving a reply.

In Australia, good old Australia Post offers this service for free to kids. They even have printable templates for kids to write letters on. Children write their letter to Santa and then pop it into a envelope. Then address the envelope to:

North Pole, 9999

Add a 65 cent stamp to the front of the envelope and the child’s name and address to the back of the envelope, and pop it a red mail box by 14 December. Santa will write back a letter to each child who is named on the envelope.

This service offered by Australia Post is great and more than 120,000 Aussie kids a year use it, but it does have its limitations. All of the letters received are identical, except for the name of the child, which can be a little awkward if you have multiple kids; and there’s no personalised reply to the letter that the child sent. Still, for free it’s a pretty good service.

If you are looking for a more personalised Santa experience, then it might be worth checking out some of the paid services that operate in Australia. These include:

Merry Christmas!


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