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Membership Drive – Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Drive

Bringing together a select group of 70 businesses that create handmade clothes and gifts for kids, at Handmade Cooperative we work together to support our dynamic community and to help spread the word for Australia’s truly inspirational handcraft marketplace.

We are currently looking to recruit new members. You can get all the information about how Handmade Cooperative works and what membership gives you right here. In addition, below are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Handmade Cooperative membership drive.

How many new members are you taking this year?

In 2016, we have 25 positions up for grabs.


When do applications close?

We are accepting applications for new members until midnight 14 September 2016 (AEST).


Are you a selling platform?

No, we are not a third party selling platform, we do not offer you a storefront. What we offer is a supportive group of like-minded businesses. You are granted access to a private FB group where we offer advice and run activities to help you improve your business. In Handmade Cooperative all businesses work together collaboratively to increase exposure and presentation of the entire group.


I sell through Facebook, Instagram and/or real-world markets. Do I have to have an online storefront as well?

Yes, we do require an active online storefront with at least four listings for each of our members – this may be a standalone website, or through a third party. If you do not have an online storefront, we suggest setting up a store with on Hand-Made, Made It, Etsy or a similar platform.


I am just starting out. Is it too early in my handmade career to join?

Not at all. We welcome businesses that are just starting up and can offer you advice and support as you turn your handmade hobby into a business. By being a member of the Coop, your new business gains exposure in a variety of online and print media. You also have the opportunity to be involved in marketing opportunities that may otherwise be inaccessible in this early stage.


I am an established business. What can the Coop offer me?

Handmade Cooperative has plenty to offer established businesses. By being a member of the Coop, your business gains increased traffic and improved SEO. You can also benefit from our partnerships with industry experts and have the opportunity to network and collaborate with a professional group of like-minded business women.


My application was unsuccessful previously. Is there any point in me applying again?

Of course. Each year we are looking to fill different gaps that open up as members leave the Coop. You may not have been selected in previous years because we did not have enough spaces in your particular field, but this year there may be the perfect spot for your products. As long as you make beautiful items for children and present them through lovely photography, there is a good chance that you can be selected in a subsequent membership drive.


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