My Son, My Teacher 3

My Son, My Teacher

My son turns ten today. Such a small number, but it carries such humongous significance to me. He’s no longer six, or eight, or nine; but a hefty double digit ten. It is also the beginning of the end of his childhood, as he gallops towards his teenage years. I want to grab him and hold him tight, safe in my cuddles and stop him turning into a smelly and grumpy teen.

Two weeks ago, over the school holidays, we went out for a walk. There was a frosty chill in the air as the sun started to set. He took my hand in his toasty chubby one, knowing that as always, mine would be cold like an ice-block. I said to him, as we meandered through the reserve, the path we’d taken so many times over the years; I said, “When you are older and no longer live at home, I’d better take along a hot water bottle on my walks in winter.” There was a split second of silence, while he pondered over what I said. “I will come back to visit you Mama”, he replied in his usual reassuring way. “But you can’t visit me every time I go for a walk”, I said. Without skipping a beat, my nine-year-old, in his most mature and loving voice said, “I know, but I will come back whenever I can”. And he squeezed my hand a little. A great lump in my throat was choking me then, as we continued to walk hand in hand through the reserve, both of us quiet, as we made our way home.

Some children come to this world with an old soul, with a deep sense of empathy and immense capacity to understand the human spirit, far beyond their years. My ten-year-old challenges me every single day to give without expecting back, and to love without boundaries. As I walk down this winding road of parenthood, I know the learning is as much mine as it is his. I may teach him how to bake a cake or do the cross-stitch, but he teaches me about things that matter more in life – laugh lots, play with abundance, and love without fear.

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