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Sweet Treats

Confession time…..

I have been looking at the nappy boxes we get for nearly a decade – thinking that the handles mean that this is a quick and easy way to make a mail box…..

Well this week I FINAAAALLLLYYYY did something about making one. (After all, you just can’t rush some things, right?)

Super Mum's Sanity Savers
Want to take less than a decade to make a mail box for your kids to play with?

Well Super Mum’s Sanity Savers to the rescue!

Best of all – the opportunities for creative play and learning are endless:

  • We have used this for creative letter writing practice.
  • It has been art (looking at and making our own stamps and post cards).
  • It helps with handwriting (the mail man can’t deliver it if he can’t read it).
  • We can link it to stories – I took the opportunity to borrow my favorite book as a kid – The Jolly Postman by Janet & Allan Ahlberg.
  • And it’s a wonderful way to tell the kids we love them with little love notes to the kids from mummy and daddy – from the kids to each other, and back to mummy and daddy.

It has been the sweetest joy giver in our family for ages….. You can imagine the pure glee when they get up in the morning and see what has been left for them.

All from one nappy box.

So on to the “How To”.

Mail box ingredients

1 Using your craft knife, take one box and on one end at the handle, cut across and down to make a square flap with the handle cut out at the top.
post box 2 Using your ruler for a neat fold, fold the flap you have just cut, down toward the bottom of the box.
post box 3 Cut up your second box, and make 2 triangles with tabs on one side, as shown. (These will determine how far down your parcel slot will come, so play around with sizes if you like).
With the hot glue gun, put glue on the inside of your parcel flap and glue these triangles on, with the wide end facing you and the tab at the top inside your box.
post box 5 Reinforce your glue line with some masking tape on each side.
post box 6 At the other end of your box, cut 2 lines as shown by the black dotted line. This will be your ‘door’ to get the mail out.
post box 7 Taking some board from your second box, place your bread and butter plate along the edge, as close to the middle of the plate as possible. Mark a line with the tip of your scissors and cut out. Make 2.
post box 8 Cut the long flaps on your mail box in half.
post box 9 Using the hot glue gun, glue your cardboard half circles to each short end of your box, using the flaps you just cut to help stabilize them.
post box 10 Measure and cut a piece of cardboard that will go over the top of your box, from one side to the other. Glue this in place with the hot glue gun.
post box 11 Reinforce the ‘seams’ of this cardboard piece with your masking tape as shown.
post box 12 Let the kids have a blast painting their post box!

Here’s hoping you make one soon – don’t wait 10 years – they’re too much fun!

Then send us some mail with a picture of how yours turned out!
post box done

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