Growing Up

Growing Up

My son just started Year 4 this year. Technically speaking, he’s the “older” kid at school, the ones who’d buddy up with the little kids to help them adjust and get use to life at big school. But this boy, not quite 10, remains that sweet toddler in my heart; that angel who keeps me company at home while I tend to the garden, or bake a cake, or iron that never ending pile of washing.

We walk to school most days now, and in those 20 minutes, we talk about school and his friends, we talk about movies and the different ways to cook a fish. We stop and pat the neighbourhood cats, and sometimes, pick a few dandelions after the rain. I relish these small moments with him, because at the back of my mind, I know this little boy will one day grow up, and talking to me about mundane things will no longer be cool, or fun. There will come a time when his questions are so big that I can no longer give him the answer. One day, he will leave our nest and make his own way in the world, or move to the other side of the globe to carve a career for himself. And I will have to find the courage to support his decisions, and be brave and strong enough to let him go.

Just a few weeks ago, we were snuggled up under a throw one cold evening, when my 9-year-old said to me out of the blue. “Mama, when I move away, I will come back to visit you. And I will cook you my favourite cornflakes chicken wings. It will be my turn to cook for you”. This boy has a way at tugging at my heart strings and makes me cry a little inside. He often reminisces, even at this young age, of those days when he was little and was still home with me during the day, how we used to have our morning tea sitting by the garage door, looking out on our street. Just enjoying each other’s company. Nostalgia is not just for adults it seems.

For now, I just want to enjoy his warm cuddles, his sweet and empathetic self, his kind words of appreciation. I will continue to make his favourite dishes, and teach him how to cook, so that one day, he can proudly take over the apron.

School has just started, and I know parents seeing their kindergarten kids to school will have such a bag of mixed emotions. But that is part of growing up for us as parents too. When we become parents, our biggest challenge will always be knowing how and when to let go.

It’s a long and wonderful journey, and I will learn as we both grow up, me and my boy.

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