Heroes In Your Home

Heroes In Your Home

There are times in every person’s life when he gets to be a hero. Maybe not every day, maybe not even every week, but during the year, every person does some pretty remarkable acts of kindness or bravery or just plain persistence.

In the 1990s, achievement ribbons became popular. They said “birthday girl” or “awesome reader” or “biggest helper”. But I could never find the ones that said “learned to climb down the tree so we didn’t have to call the fire department again” or “made it through a whole week at camp before the office called me to complain about your questionable behaviour” or “tied your own shoelaces three days in a row….and not to your sister’s hair”. And sometimes, you just want to give your kid a medal to mark these leaps of self-reliance or self-restraint.

Here’s a little medal-making activity that can be done with children or for them. The basic craft offers three levels for everyone in the family:

  1. Wool felt medals using simple wooden beads can be made with younger children.
  2. Wool felt ribbons with added themed do-dads with school-aged children.
  3. Hand or machine sewn fabric medals for young adults and older children.

To start, grab the template here.

The most basic medal is made from wool felt, a bit of cotton cord, a colorful or metallic painted wooden bead, and a safety pin.

Materials needed for option #1:

  • a scrap of wool felt about 5cm x 14cm
  • a short length of cotton cord
  • wooden bead 25mm
  • safety pin
  • needle and thread





Materials needed for options #2 and #3:

  • scraps of felt about 5cm x 14cm OR scraps of fabric about 5.5cm x 15cm
  • small toys, baubles, necklace pendants, jewelry charms, or large glass beads
  • safety pin
  • needle and thread

If you use wool felt, you can simply follow the above directions ignoring the bead and stitching on the baubles to the finished ribbon. If you are using other fabrics, follow these directions:






“How come she gets an award and I don’t?” We can’t all be heroes all the time and certainly not all at the same time, but there will always be some time when a special award is warranted. Make these for special times in your child’s life. Or make a whole bunch for party giveaways that celebrate just being on the planet together and enjoying our time here.

To download a ready document of this project click this link for the PDF. For more free patterns and tutorials, visit the SweaterDoll blog and join up for a little Irony in your Inbox, a weekly newsletter sewing digest.


SweaterDoll Contributed by Allison of SweaterDoll.

A thrift store stalker and tinker of textiles, Allison grew up sewing from the rag bag in the kitchens of Southern and farm women in the 1960s in the U.S. Four years ago, she met Mr. True Love and moved to Australia where she is living happily ever after teaching fibre arts crafts and designing sewing and stitchery patterns.




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