100 Summer School Holiday Activities

100 Summer School Holiday Activities

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Christmas seems like it was ages ago. With another few weeks of school holidays left, are you short of summer activities to keep the kids entertained? This list of 100 summer school holiday activities will keep everyone happy and busy.


For primary school aged kids

  1. Organise a play date.
  2. Have a tea party with no sew felt play food.
  3. Face paint.
  4. Paint with edible fingerpaint.
  5. Play dress ups.
  6. Make bottle cap monsters and ladybirds.
  7. Play a board game such as snap, memory, snakes and ladders, Guess Who?…
  8. Re-enact your favourite books.
  9. Play hide and seek.
  10. Draw outside with chalk.

    For secondary school kids

  11. Camp out in the backyard overnight.
  12. Create a coordinated stationery set.
  13. Do nail art.
  14. Make bath bombs.
  15. Organise a sleepover.
  16. Play biknik.
  17. Play a board game such as Scrabble, 500, Monopoly, Articulate…
  18. Redecorate the bedroom.
  19. Play a detective game.
  20. Build a tree house.
    Coordinated Stationery


  21. Try screen printing.
  22. Sew a softie.
  23. Make your own paper.
  24. Draw.
  25. Make paper chain people.
  26. Sew an Amish puzzle ball.
  27. Do origami.
  28. Make a fruity felt garland.
  29. Create with air dry clay.
  30. Learn to knit.


  31. Have a MasterChef competition.
  32. Bake ham and cheese focaccia rolls.
  33. Make lemonade with fresh lemons.
  34. Cook fortune cookie surprises.
  35. Make chocolates with leftover Christmas marzipan.
  36. Make ginger beer.
  37. Make multiple layered jelly.
  38. Cook and decorate biscuits.
  39. Make fruit smoothies.
  40. Make ice creams or icy poles.Ginger Beer

    In the country

  41. Have a day out exploring a new town.
  42. Visit a farm.
  43. Ride the tractor, motorbike or horse.
  44. Visit a market.
  45. Make a tyre swing.
  46. Head to the local “attraction” – a cave, a waterfall, a giant earthworm…
  47. Go fruit picking.
  48. Look at the stars.
  49. Go out at dusk and look for native animals.
  50. Swim in the river, lake or dam.

    In the city

  51. Have a day out exploring the city.
  52. Visit the museum.
  53. Go to the outdoor cinema.
  54. Visit the zoo.
  55. Catch a train, tram, bus or ferry.
  56. Visit the aquarium.
  57. Cool down in an air conditioned shopping centre.
  58. Visit the gallery.
  59. Go to the library and join their holiday activities.
  60. Visit the science centre.
    Photo Credit: m.a.r.c. via Compfight cc

    Photo Credit: m.a.r.c. via Compfight cc


  61. Explore the bush.
  62. Go fishing.
  63. Skip stones.
  64. Go bird spotting.
  65. Plant a garden.
  66. Go hiking.
  67. Make a flower head wreath.
  68. Go bush walking.
  69. Collect shells.
  70. Build a sandcastle


  71. Go to the swimming pool.
  72. Play handball.
  73. Go for a bike ride.
  74. Head to a water park.
  75. Go to the beach.
  76. Skip.
  77. Go to a skate park.
  78. Take a walk.
  79. Play beach cricket.
  80. Go to a trampoline park.

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  81. Go treasure hunting in the park.
  82. Build with sticks.
  83. Play with water in the backyard.
  84. Visit a new park.
  85. Fly a kite.
  86. Make giant (A1 or A2) paper aeroplanes and fly them.
  87. Roll down a hill.
  88. Have a picnic.
  89. Throw water balloons.
  90. Press flowers.


  91. Visit dad or mum at work and have lunch with them.
  92. Build army hideouts out of furniture.
  93. Have a movie marathon.
  94. Visit grandma or grandpa.
  95. Make a time capsule.
  96. Dance.
  97. Write some snail mail.
  98. Read.
  99. Take old televisions, computers, telephones apart.
  100. Do a puzzle.

We’d love to hear what you get up to on the school holidays. Leave some more ideas below.


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