Super Mum’s Sanity Savers – Christmas Cards

Super Mum's Sanity Savers - Christmas Cards

Super Mum's Sanity Savers - Christmas Cards
Christmas cards? Again?

But do you know what? My favourite card that we received last year was made by my cousin’s four year old. Possibly because there was glitter. Lots and lots of glitter.

And I thought…. Colouring in is big at the moment, I can’t be the only mum who loves colouring in. Right………? (Silence with one lonely cricket chirping).

Well… (coughs). Even if I am the only colouring addicted mother- Super Mum’s Sanity Savers to the rescue!

What Handmade Cooperative have come up with, are your very own Christmas cards to colour. Oh. Um. I really meant for the kids….. For the kids to colour!


Super Mum's Sanity Savers - Christmas Cards


Download your large free printable Christmas cards right here and your smaller ones here.

The smaller cards fit into a standard envelope so can be posted with ease. The larger ones are ideal for smaller kids to decorate (no, I still don’t recommend macaroni) and can be given to teachers, friends and family.

All you need to do is print these beauties out on some cardstock from your local craft store (or from your mother if your mother sells Stampin Up stamps and cardstock like mine does).

Total cost: $7.50 for enough cardstock to make 40 cards, plus a little bit of ink, texta/pencil, glue stick and glitter.

Cut them and fold them.


Super Mum's Sanity Savers - Christmas Cards


Add glitter (yes, that IS necessary).

Write your greeting.

Give away.


Super Mum's Sanity Savers - Christmas Cards

Done. You just organised Christmas cards, saved money, gave people something personal, AND kept the kids entertained. You Rock!

Now you can sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet of a Christmas season well organised – enjoy your Christmas from all of us at Handmade Cooperative.

Downloadable free printable Christmas cards in large and small format.

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