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Do you make beautiful items for kids?


Bringing together a select group of 70 businesses that create handmade clothes and gifts for kids, at Handmade Cooperative we work together to support our dynamic community and to help spread the word for Australia’s truly inspirational handcraft marketplace. Our community has a two fold purpose: (1) to celebrate and promote the best in Australian handmade kids clothes and gifts, and (2) top provide a safe and supportive network for like-minded businesses.

Numbers are limited to 70 members in order that Coop members can easily interact with one another. In September each year we run a membership drive to restore our numbers.




Apply for membership today.


We are currently looking to recruit new members and welcome any Australians who make products for children to apply for membership. In addition, we would love for you to show off your talent, so link up your products bellow to show us all.



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