Make A Fruity Felt Garland 2

Make A Fruity Felt Garland

I created this fruit felt garland after a recent conversation with my children about our upcoming overseas holiday when we talked about fresh fruit drinks and spending the day in the pool. To make this garland you will need:

  • Felt sheets
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery thread and needles
  • Circle and heart shape templates (or a die cut machine and dies- circles and hearts)
  • Cord/string


Make A Fruity Felt Garland

These garland fruits can be made using simple shapes.

Make A Fruity Felt Garland


  1. Cut out a large circle in dark green felt measuring approximately 10 cm in diameter, then cut this circle in half. Cut out a light pink felt circle measuring 8 cm in diameter, cut this circle is half too. Pin one of the pink half circles on top of the green felt and hand stitch in place using a straight stitch and two strands of white embroidery thread. Stitch around the curved edge of the pink felt.
  2. Using three strands of black embroidery thread, hand stitch lazy susans around the edge of the pink felt to create watermelon seeds.
  3. You are now ready to start adding your fruit to the cord. Run a thin line of glue along the straight edge of the remaining half of green felt. This line of glue should be approximately 5 mm from the top. Lay your cord on this line of glue and allow it to set for a minute. Run another line of glue on top of the cord and place your watermelon front to secure in place.
  4. To finish, blanket stitch around the curved edge of the watermelon with two strands of embroidery thread. Finally, run a straight stitch along the top of your watermelon to secure the top edge and keep the cord in place.
Make A Fruity Felt Garland

Now we are ready for the strawberries. You will need to have two heart shapes of the red felt and a small circle of light green felt. I rounded the bottom of my hearts with scissors for a more natural look. Take two strands of a contrasting embroidery thread and stitch little ‘seeds’ on one of the strawberries. From the small circle of green felt, cut out a stem shape, I used pinking shears along the rounded edge. Glue this stem in place. Just as you did with the watermelon, run a thin line of glue on the other strawberry shape, attach the cord and glue the front of the strawberry in place. Blanket stitch the edges of the strawberry together.

Make A Fruity Felt Garland

Continue adding the felt fruit to the cord until it reaches a length that you are happy with. I recommend a 10 cm space between each piece of fruit. Hang your garland and start dreaming of fruity drinks and holidays by the pool!

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