Foam Egg Decorating

Foam Egg Decorating

I’m generally not the kind of person to decorate my home in preparation for Easter, but I also won’t miss an opportunity to get creative! Unsure of what to actually do with the pack of polystyrene foam eggs that I purchased at my local craft shop, I rose to the challenge, raided my supplies and started playing around.

Decoupage Egg

The first egg was treated to a decoupage process using pretty wrapping paper and Modge Podge. I tore small pieces of the wrapping paper and glued them one by one to the egg until it was fully covered. You need to work relatively quickly so that the paper doesn’t start falling apart at the points where you are holding the egg. Allow to dry for approximately an hour.

Fabric Egg

The second egg was inspired by the Christmas baubles that my mother used to create in the 80s. You will need some fabric scraps, a knife/scalpel, scissors and tweezers or similar tool to push the fabric into your foam egg. Begin by scoring the egg to create four equal segments, the cut should be at least 5 mm deep. On your piece of fabric, draw an oval shape (which comes to a point at both the top and bottom) which is slightly larger than each segment. Cut another three segments from the fabric and begin adhering them to your egg by pushing the fabric into the pre-cut lines you made with the scalpel. Trim the fabric segments as needed and finish each segment as neatly as possible. You may wish to add a ribbon to the top if you plan to hang your eggs.

Woollen Egg

Some wool and glue were the last materials I used. An easy process of slowly winding the wool around the egg, dabbing glue along the way to keep each strand in place. I started from the middle and wound up before returning to the centre and winding towards the base. A hot glue gun works a treat for quick adhesion but use some tweezers or wooden skewer to save your fingers. The addition of a felt flower was made using a pin in the centre to hold it in place.

I hope you’re inspired to create something similar this Easter!

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