No Sew Felt Play Food 2

No Sew Felt Play Food

If you can’t sew, or just want to whip up an activity, these quick and easy no sew felt play food ideas are for you. This activity is great for you to do with your child.

No Sew Felt Pizza


No Sew Felt Pizza

Use a dinner plate as a template to cut out the pizza base in tan-coloured felt.
Cut another wobbly circle around 4 cm smaller in diameter from red felt. This is the tomato paste.
Another wobbly circle of white or yellow felt is the cheese.
Use grey felt to cut out mushrooms, black felt for olives, green and red felt for capsicum, and more.
The possibilities are endless.

No Sew Felt Noodles


No Sew Felt Noodles

Cut out 10, 16 x 2 cm strips of cream coloured felt for a box of noodles.
Add extra scraps of felt for vegetables and meat.

No Sew Felt Bow-tie Pasta


No Sew Felt Bow-tie Pasta

Make ribbon pasta from square pieces of felt in apricot, pale green and cream felt. Cut two opposite edges of the squares with zig-zag scissors. Tie a small piece of yarn or cotton around the center to form the bow-tie (farfalle) shape.


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