Pillowcase Challenge – Lilybett and Boy

Lilybett and BoyCreated by: Lilybett of Lilybett and Boy
Creative Process: 
This pillowcase started with the ice cream fabric. I’d had it for a little while and thought it’d be perfect when I read about the Great Pillowcase Challenge. Combining it with the orange gingham, it became my ‘ice-cream picnic’ pillow. I’ve never made anything like this before and don’t own or know how to use a sewing machine – so I read all the tutorials, made sure I was working with reasonably standard Australian pillow sizes and just went for it. I’m a complete amateur and this is a hand-stitched pillowcase, so most of the stitches are pretty basic and some of the seams are wonky and weird on the inside (wanted a neat finish so they’re my imperfect version of a Frenched seam), but each part of it was made with love and the hope that it would make a sick child feel happy and dream of sunshine and sweet things.

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