Sensational Six – Lady Beetles, Lady Birds, Lady Bugs 3

The inspiration for this week’s “Sensational Six” has come from Coop members – Sophie and Jack – with their pair of Cute Lady Beetle Pony Tail Hair Elastics.

Whether you call them lady birds, lady bugs or lady beetles, this little creature has it all – the fantastic combination of black and red, intricate spots, delicate wings, and they are quite friendly too!! Isn’t it amazing that such an amazing little creature can evoke so much fun and joy … and they are sure to bring a smile to your face.

So if you adore these little creatures as much as I do, I am sure that you will find these six sensational handmade items irresistible too!!

From top left:
1. thepapertieaffair – Little Ladybugs Framed Art
2. thelittleorchard – Leaves with Lady Beetle Brooch
3. SevillaDesigns – Soft Cord Pants with Ladybird Knee Patches
4. lollipopbaby – Personalised Ladybird Baby Onesie
5. funkyhooker – Fuzzy and Funky LadyBug Hat
6. HummingbirdsSong – Ladybug Alphabet (original watercolour painting)

Have you heard about Bedros Designs – Hand Made Accessories??
My name is Aline and I am the designer behind Bedros Designs. I take great pride in designing and creating unique handmade hair accessories for the little people in our lives.
Each item in my shop has either been, cut, sewn, embroidered, glued or crocheted by me with love. I draw my inspiration from the materials that I use and each piece is created to outlast fashion trends.
Mums too, can find something special for them in my shop whether, hair accessories or a nice piece of costume jewellery like a beaded ring.


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