Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mega Giveaway - Prize Package No. 17

Two fantastic items are on offer in theis prize package:
i) a cool kid's t-shirt of your choice from Billy Mac clothing, and
ii) a lovely crocheted Alice ribbon headband in the colour combination of your choice from Loopty Loop.

To enter, simply visit and and tell us which is your favourite item from each business by leaving a comment on this blog post below or in an email to (subject: Prize Package No. 17).

Entries close 8th June, 2010. For more competition rules see


  1. From

    Billy Mac - The Kombie shirt for boys

    Looptyloop - The tweet tweet little birds

  2. 1st fav. from Billy Mac is the long sleeve kombi tee with the cooper tee coming a very close second!

    1st fav. from loopty loop is the crochet rose ring, then the gorgeous tweet tweet bird on the key chain.

    gorgeous stuff girls!!

  3. Billy Mac - I LOVE the cupcake cute!!!!
    Loopty Loop - I just LOVE the Alice satin headband with the gerbera.

    Amanda :)

  4. Ooh from Billy Mac the 'Kombi' Boys Sky Blue Long Sleeve T-shirt
    and from Loopty Loop the Flower Girl hair clips x 2 in drawstring pouch - SURPRISE!

  5. Billy Mac: Retro Bike Boys Long Sleeve Shirt
    Loopty Loop: 3 Miniature Rose hairclips

  6. My fav from Billy Mac is Kombie boys long sleeve tee and from Loopty Loop is the Tweet tweet little bird :)

  7. kimberley belfordJune 2, 2010 at 10:04 PM

    LooptLoop love the tweet tweet lil birds thy r just adorable

    Blly Mac- Kombie Baby Blue Onesie very cool

  8. From BillyMac Clothing I love the Kombi Boys Royal Blue Long Sleeve t-shirt, and from Loopty Loop I like the flower girl headband - style number 2...very sweet.

  9. My favourite from Billy Mac is the Retro Motorbike T-Shirt and from Loopty Loop I love the yellow Greeting Card with the blue crocheted flower :)

  10. your favourite item from each business

    My favourite item from Billy Mac is the Mon Cherie and Chendeleir t-shirts (so sweet)

    and from Loopty Loop (I would choose everything, its' divine work) the Flower Girl head band is sweet (but so are the the little tweet tweet brids)

    Great prizes, thanks Mel xox

  11. Billie MacGinleyJune 3, 2010 at 2:32 PM

    First of all I'm loving the label name Billy Mac lol. My fave item would have to be the Kombie onesie in blue.

    From Loopty Loop the whole Miniature rose range especially the hair clips!

  12. Billymac fave shirt is the retro motorbike!!

    loopty loop fave is the yellow and pink flower girl headband..just gorgeous!

  13. From Billymac my fav is 'Kombi' Boys Royal Blue Long Sleeve T-shirt.
    From Loopty Loop my fav is the Blue/Green Flower Girl hair clips

  14. Billymac - I love the "mumma needs a cuppa" t-shirt! Its perfect

    Loopty Loop - the miniature rose hair clips.

  15. Billy Mac - 'Le Mans' Boys Sky Blue T-shirt
    Loopty Loop - LOVE the greeting cards with flowers on (all of them)!

  16. I love the big sister t-shirt from Billy Mac as my little girl is about to become a big sister in the next couple of weeks.
    I also adore the Tweet Tweet little bird in turquoise from Loopty Loop it would look great in our nursery.

  17. From Billy Mac - I love the Mumma Needs a Cuppa top
    & from
    Loopty Loop the Flower Girl Clips

  18. Miss Claire would look suitable princessy in the Mon Cherie or Chandelier Billymac shirts.
    And her current penchant for flowers would be satisfied with the Loopty Loop Alice band with the lovely flower
    Thanks for the great giveaways!

  19. I love the 'Kombi' Boys Royal Blue Long Sleeve T-shirt and the Set of 2 - Tweet Tweet little bird - aren't they so cute!

  20. I love the 'Big Brother' t shirt would be great for my lil man who's a BIG Brother Lol and the greeting card with actual flowers and vase from loopty loop.


    Have a great day,

    (received via email 3/6/10)

  21. Billy Mac: the aqua "Mumma Needs A Cuppa" tee shirt. Gorgeous - and Mumma usually does!

    Loopty Loop: the Flower Girl Hair Clip x2 in daughter would love those in their own little bag.

    Rebecca W (received via email 3/6/10)

  22. My Favourite item from Billy Mac clothing is the sweet "Mon Cherie" t-shirt!

    And from LooptyLoop is any of the "flower girl hair clips"

    Thankyou Erica Sumners
    (received via email 3/6/10)

  23. My favourite from Billy Mac Clothing would be the Big Brother tee shirt, I'd love to get one for my boy to wear when we get pregnant again, as a fun way to let the family know!!

    And my favourite from Loopty Loop would be any of the "Flower Girl" headbands, they would all look good in my daughter's hair!

    Bec Hill
    (received via email 3/6/10)

  24. What a hard choice to make!

    The boys 'Big Brother' shirt is adorable from Billy Mac Clothing.

    The 'tweet, tweet little birds' are just cute from Loopty Loop!

    thank you for the great giveaways!
    Melissa K (received via email 6/6/10)

  25. At Billy Mac the Cupcake Pink Girls T-shirt is so cute & at Loopty Loop the Flower Girl hair clips-set of 2 would look adorable on my little girl!

    Laura Vince
    (received via email 7/6/10)

  26. My fav Billy Mac item is the 'Kombi' Boys Sky Blue Long Sleeve T-shirt - very cool!

    And from LooptyLoop I love the 'Tweet Tweet' Little Bird - too cute!

  27. Billy Mac Clothing - I love the 'Mumma Needs a Cuppa' Pink Girls T-Shirt ( So True)

    Loopty Loop - I love the Greeting Card with actual flower and vase.

    Thank you
    (received via email 7/6/10)

  28. Sorry but I just can't choose... every thing by both merchants is just gorgeous stuff

    :) Nic

  29. From Billy Mac clothing, I love the retro motorbike top i can imagine my son running around showing everyone his cool new bike.

    From Loopty Loop the headband with dusty rose, teal and mauve. It's the perfect colours for my little girl. She would look adorable in any of the headbands but the colours in this one are soooo Pretty.

    Both Stores have fantastic stuff Guys keep up the good work.


  30. Billy Mac it has to be the Kombi onesie.

    Loopty Loop love the Tweet Tweet Little Birds. Such great colours.

  31. billy mac
    the motorbike shirts are super cool, especially if daddy rides one too!
    loopty loop
    i just adore the crocheted flower rings, so cute...

  32. My favourite item from Billy mac would be the Royalty girls shirt,
    and from Loopty loop my favourite item is the Flower girl headband and 2 clips set - with drawstring pouch,

  33. I can't go past the I love Louis tee - as a lover of Collectors and Antiques' roadshow this tee makes me smile.

    I really like the Alice headband with the dark blue stain ribbon. I havn't seen a headband made like this before, which is unique in the crochet world. I also love the colour choice - girly but not too girly.

  34. My favourite item from Billy Mac would have to be the Retro Motorbike boys red T, or maybe the chandelier girls tee...hmmm...OK the retro motorbike!!! :)

    And my favourite item from LooptyLoop would have to be the Flower Girl head band & 2 clips set - with drawstring pouch, very pretty and girly!! Love the handmade hair accessories :)

    Rene (received via email 8/6/10)

  35. My fav's from Billy Mac - Love the Kombi Tee's and onesies!
    From Loopty Loop, love all the Flower Girl Hairclips. So sweet!

    Lauren B (received via email 8/6/10)

  36. form billy mac i love the Cupcake Girls T-shirt

    and from loopty loop i must say i love the Tweet tweet little bird

  37. My fave from BillyMac is definitely the Chandelier tee! And my fave from Loopty Loop is Alice - adorable large textile gerbera flower hair clip.

    debyeo at hotmail dot com


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