Shopping Guide – Nature’s Lens

It is the season for florals, and how wonderful they are. Get all flowery with our latest shopping guide of Australian handmade gifts.

Nature's Lens

Pendant by Curly Jo Design
Birthday crown by Creative Wishes
Baby bib by Ruby’s Quilts & More
Girls hat by pleatsandtreats
Mummy & Me kimono by SunHaze
Zipper pouch by My Bebe Cadum
Mini tote bag and purse by Vicki Elle
Ring bearer pillow by Baby’s Got Cake Gifts
Birthday card by Mum & Me Handmade Designs


Avery We Print

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100 Spring School Holiday Activities

80 Spring School Holiday Activties

Whether you’re getting towards the end of your term 3 school holidays, or just starting them, it can be hard to find activities to keep the kids from saying “I’m bored”. We’ve rounded up 80 spring school holiday activities to keep children busy. Want more ideas? Check out our 100 summer school holiday activities.

For primary school aged kids

      1. Sculpt play dough.
      2. Upcycle your crayons.
      3. Hide objects in the sandpit.
      4. Face paint.
      5. Play balloon games.
      6. Have a shaving cream car wash.
      7. Wash the windows.
      8. Play with moon sand.
      9. Blow bubbles.
      10. Grow crystal names.

        For secondary school kids

      11. Do brain teasers.
      12. Have a karaoke competition.
      13. Do some origami.
      14. Do a Zumba class.
      15. Make a Lego man tshirt.
      16. Learn a musical instrument.
      17. Sew a pillow case.
      18. Learn to crochet.
      19. Experiment with shadows.
      20. Write a joint story.
        :ego Man Tshirt


      21. Create egg carton flowers.
      22. Make a shoe box village.
      23. Build your own blackboard.
      24. Design masks.
      25. Make a paper doily bunting.
      26. Paint stones.
      27. Create paint chip gift boxes.
      28. Create plaster-of-Paris sculptures.
      29. Make a mail box.
      30. Tie dye clothes.


      31. Have breakfast in bed.
      32. Make choc chip cookie dough balls.
      33. Cook damper.
      34. Bake Southern-style cornbread.
      35. Squeeze lemons for lemon juice.
      36. Make Oreo balls.
      37. Try your hand at home made sushi.
      38. Eat creperie aux fruits rouges.
      39. Make fruit kebabs.
      40. Enjoy raspberry coconut banana bread.
        Oreo balls large


      41. Make nature art.
      42. Go on a nature walk.
      43. Plant vegetables.
      44. Examine bugs with a magnifying glass.
      45. Go geocaching.
      46. Build with sticks and rocks.
      47. Hold a best garden weeder competition.
      48. Hunt for tadpoles.
      49. Grow sunflowers.
      50. Collect flowers.


      51. Play backyard cricket.
      52. Learn to hoola hoop.
      53. Ride a scooter.
      54. Play badminton.
      55. Go mountain biking.
      56. Play mini golf.
      57. Go bowling.
      58. Go rollerskating.
      59. Kayak.
      60. Swing on the bars.


      61. Build a beach snowman.
      62. Wash the dog.
      63. Visit a maze.
      64. Build a camp site.
      65. Visit the botanical gardens
      66. Play hopskotch.
      67. Visit a theme park.
      68. Throw the frisbee.
      69. Look for butterflies.
      70. Play fetch with the dog.


      71. Make an obstacle course.
      72. Create a vinegar explosion.
      73. Put on a puppet show.
      74. Have a photography contest.
      75. Put on a fashion show
      76. Build a fort.
      77. Make your own movie.
      78. Sing.
      79. Visit the cinema.
      80. Listen to an audio book.

We’d love to hear what you get up to on the school holidays. Leave some more ideas below.


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Sensational Six – Cotton Creations

I hope you like this selection of handmade cotton creations. All made by such talented Australians!

– Curated by Michelle of The China Hutch

Cotton Creations

Harem pants by Twinkle Star
Bunny garland by Hot Fudge
Card holder by One Busy Sloth
Japanese bag by Biizy Bags
Tote bag by Ruby’s Quilts & More
Cushion cover by Precious Rubies


The China Hutch

Michelle from The China Hutch hand paints porcelain with glaze paints which require firing in a kiln a number of times to achieve the depth of colours. It is all food safe and washable. The paint sinks into the glaze when it reaches the high temperature in the kiln sealing it in place for the life of the piece. Pieces can be used, or kept as a keepsake for a baby or child, or a mug for a friend, a teapot for that special cup of tea. Only good quality porcelain or bone china is used.