You are now a super mum who….. FACE PAINTS!‏

Face Painting

Super Mum's Sanity Savers
Your kids have decided that they want their faces painted.

And because they think the world of you – they think you can do this!

Well, guess what?

So do we!

Ready to become a super mum who now face paints?


First thing’s first. The paint you use DOES make a difference.

If you want the best, Australian made face paint delivered to your door – go to Face Paint For Every Body and look up their TAG products. (They have a special on at the moment where you can pick up white face paint for just $6. Trust me – this is a BARGAIN for hypoallergenic face paint)!

Otherwise – face paint that works like watercolour palates – where you wet the paint before painting it on tend to be the choice of most artists.

They blend beautifully and give great coverage.

I buy brushes from a major bargain fabric retailer (who also happen to stock some face paint). The brushes have plastic handles so that if I am painting all day they won’t get ruined from sitting in the water. You can pick up sets of brushes with everything you need fairly cheaply – just remember you want them to be soft. Prickly brushes aren’t nice on your face or lips!

So onto each design.

(Scroll down for the butterfly).

Rocket Face Paint
Rocket Face Paint

You will need:

  • a 3/4 flat brush
  • a size 3 round brush
  • a size 0 round brush
  • a rainbow split cake (see the picture for what a split cake is – you can also do this by using all the colours and painting slightly overlapping lines while the paint is still a little damp – it just takes longer)
  • face paint in white, black and grey / silver

rocket face painting

  • Using your 3/4 flat brush and the split cake, draw a squiggly line down the cheek.
  • With your size 3 round brush, paint long triangle with concave sides in silver.
  • Continuing with silver, paint a line on each side of your triangle – pushing down close to the triangle, and pulling the brush away from the face to it’s very tip (making the line thinner) as you curve downward.
  • With the size 0 brush and black paint, outline your ‘rocket’. Add a line at the tip, some circles toward the bottom and some dots under your top line to look like rivets.
  • Drawtwo2 more black triangles at the bottom of your rocket.
  • Going back to your size 3 brush, but just using the tip, fill in the triangles and the circles with white (making sure the black is totally dry before you start). Then add a white line at the top and one on the right hand ‘arm’ of your rocket.
  • Still using the size 3 brush and white paint, add some stars and a moon. We did some traditionally, and some fine ones, which use the size 0 brush and draw 4-5 lines in a flicking motion. (See this YouTube video for an easy example of this).
  • Add some extra white dots for interest.

Butterfly face paint

Butterfly Face Paint

You will need:

  • a size 12 round brush
  • a size 3 round brush
  • a size 0 round brush
  • face paint in white, black and light and dark blue
  • eye shadow, lip gloss and puff glitter are optional

Butterfly face painting

  • Using your size 12 round brush, and dark blue paint, draw a curly bracket (brace) above the eye, and put an extra plain closed bracket underneath. Colour these in up to the level of the eyebrow.
  • Using your size 12 brush and the light blue paint, fill in the top eyelid and flick the paint up into the dark blue above the eyebrow.
  • While this is still wet, use the dry size 3 brush to drag the light blue further into the dark blue – blending it.
  • Using your size 3 brush and the black paint, draw a dot in the centre of the forehead. Now paint an open bracket underneath, touching lightly at the top and bottom and pushing heavier in the middle. You can even flick the bottom of your bracket back the other way if you want.
  • Draw a black line with your size 3 brush at the top of your blue, doing a half circle at the end.
  • Draw a flattened number 3 black line at the side of your blue wing. Draw a curved line under the blue to the left also.
  • Draw a small and slightly larger question mark in black using the number 0 brush above your butterfly ‘dot’ on the forehead.
  • Draw some extra dots and lines with your number 3 brush.
  • Using the size 0 brush, paint back-to-front c shapes down the edge of your wing. Paint any blue bits that are showing with the black.
  • Paint in some white dots.
  • Paint in some more white dots! 😉
  • Add some white stars using your size 0 brush (see this YouTube video for an easy example of this ).
  • Add some eye shadow, puff glitter and lip gloss if your child likes this and you think it’s ok!

And when I see you down the street with the kids all painted up – I’ll be sure to say hello!

Ebony Shae Designs Contributed by Donna of Ebony Shae Designs.

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